Meadowpark Pictures Ltd is an independent production company which makes narrative and documentary films.  We are dedicated to the production of innovative and engaging content, that champions creativity, expertise and quality.

Founded by a writer, a director and a designer, the company prides itself on drawing together practitioners from across the creative industries by providing a platform for collaboration.  

Every project benefits from the support of a collective of creative minds. Each of those contributing expertise in their chosen field.  

Mission, Values and Ethos


  • To make innovative narrative and documentary films of a consistently high standard.
  • To connect practitioners across the film and wider creative industries.  To do this by utilising the production of a film project as a platform for exchange and collaboration. 
  • To be the most exciting production company coming out of Scotland, that places the value on the creative people involved.
  • To support new talent wherever possible.



Collaboration: to connect practitioners across the creative industries and to work together with other organisations and individuals.  

Skills: to create an environment in which skills are valued, nurtured and rewarded.

Quality: to consistently create narrative and documentary films of the highest quality we can.

Innovation:  to push the boundaries of visual story telling and technique.  To ask questions, explore ideas and engage others.


We value the skills of the writers, producers, directors, editors, designers, musicians, technicians, artists and the multitude of other talented people that are essential in the planning and production of a film.  As a result,  we believe in a profit structure that does not place the weight of monetary return from the top down.

After paying the bills and returning any investment offered by funding partners, the company takes 10% net profit in order to keep running.

50% of remaining net profit goes to the crew, which is split equally.

The remaining 50% goes to the cast, who are tiered as Primary Cast, Supporting Cast, and Extras, and who receive a cut accordingly.